Список публикаций работ, выполненных с использованием оборудования ЦКП


2019 год


1.Trigub A.L., Tagirov B.R., Filimonova O.N., Nickolsky M.S., Kvashnina K.O., Lafuerza S.

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Spontaneous Break of up-down Symmetry in a Symmetric Double-Null Divertor Configuration

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Simulation of fuel flows in injection systems of DEMO-FNS hybrid facility involving coupled modeling of the core and divertor plasmas

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Астрономический журнал, Т. 96, N 5, С.367-373


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Physics of Metals and Metallography

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DOI 10.1088/1402-4896/ab2550 WOS:000482017600005


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