Список публикаций работ, выполненных с использованием оборудования ЦКП


2017 год


1. M. Malovichko, N. Khokhlov, N. Yavich, M. Zhdanov
Approximate solutions of acoustic 3D integral equation and their application to seismic modeling and full-waveform inversion
Journal of Computational Physics 346 (2017), pp. 318–339


2. N. Astrakhantsev, Viktor Braguta, Andrey Kotov
Temperature dependence of shear viscosity of SU(3)--gluodynamics within lattice simulation
e-Print: arXiv:1701.02266 [hep-lat], JHEP 1704 (2017) 101


3. V.V. Braguta; E.M. Ilgenfritz; A.Y. Kotov; A.V. Molochkov; A.A. Nikolaev
Phase diagram of dense two-color QCD within lattice simulations
12th Conference on Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum  Published: 2017


4. N.Yu. Astrakhantsev, V.V. Braguta, M.I. Katsnelson, A.A. Nikolaev, M.V. Ulybyshev
Quantum Monte Carlo study of static potential in graphene


5. M.G. Medvedev, M.V. Panova, G.G. Chilov, I.S. Bushmarinov, F.N. Novikov, O.V. Stroganov, A.A. Zeifman, I.V. Svitanko
Exhaustive conformational search for transition states: the case of catechol O-methyltransferase active site
Mendeleev Commun., 2017, 27, 224–227 June


6. S.I. Krasheninnikov, A. S. Kukushkin
Physics of ultimate detachment of a tokamak divertor plasma
J. Plasma Phys.  155830501 Volume 83 - Issue 5 - October 2017


7. F. Dabbagh, F.X. Trias, A. Gorobets, A. Oliva

A priori study of subgrid-scale features in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection

Physics of Fluids 29, 105103 October 2017


8. V.A. Borodin, P.V. Vladimirov
Combined BC/MD approach to the evaluation of damage from fast neutrons and its implementation for beryllium irradiation in a fusion reactor
Model.Simul.Mater.Sci.Eng. Volume 25 Number 8, December 2017


9. А.В. Попинако, М.Ю. Антонов, А.С. Чемерис, К.В. Шайтан, О.С. Соколова
Анализ взаимодействия Arp2/3 комплекса с инактиватором Арпином методом молекулярной динамики

БИОФИЗИКА , 2017, том 62, вып. 6, c. 6–1


10. A.S. Kukushkin, V.Yu. Sergeev, B.V Kuteev
Preliminary results of divertor modelling for DEMO-FNS reactor
Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 22 October 2017


11. A. Gorbunov, A.I. Malakhov, R.A. Rymzhanov, A.E. Volkov
Model of wet chemical etching of swift heavy ions tracks
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 50, 8 September 2017


12. R.A. Rymzhanov, N. Medvedev, A.E. Volkov
Damage threshold and structure of swift heavy ion tracks in Al2O3
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 50 30 October 2017


13. D. Bartoli, A. Davydov, A. Kreshchuk, S. Marcugini, F. Pambianco

Upper bounds on the smallest size of a complete cap in PG(3, q) and PG(4, q)
Electronic Notes in Discrete MathematicsVolume 57, 1 March 2017, Pages 15-20


14. С.А. Бобков
Сравнительный анализ подходов к классификации дифракционных изображений биологических частиц, получаемых в экспериментах по когерентной рентгеновской дифракционной микроскопии
Математическая биология и биоинформатика. 2017. Т. 12. No 2. С. 411–434


15. A.V. Popinako, M.Yu. Antonov, E.Yu. Bezsudnova, G.A. Prokopiev, V.O. Popov

Molecular Dynamics Study of Structural and Dynamic Characteristics of the Polyextremophilic Short-Chain Dehydrogenase from the Thermococcus Sibiricus Archaeon and its homologues
AIP Conference Proceedings. 2017.


16. M. Magnitskaya, N. Chtchelkatchev, A. Tsvyashchenko, D. Salamatin, S. Lepeshkin, L. Fomicheva, M. Budzyсski
Electron and phonon properties of noncentrosymmetric RhGe from ab initio calculations

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Online


17. Alexander Sboeva, Roman Rybka, Alexey Serenko
On the effect of stabilizing mean firing rate of a neuron due to STDP
Procedia Computer Science 119


18. Dmitry Nekhaev, Vyacheslav Demin
Visualization of maximizing images with deconvolutional optimization method for neurons in deep neural networks
Procedia Computer Science 119


19. Grigory M. Trifonova, Mikhail N. Zhizhin, Dmitry V. Melnikov, Alexey A. Poydad

VIIRS Nightfire Remote Sensing Volcanoes
Procedia Computer Science 119


20. Andrey Polyakov, Dmitry Kokovin, Alexey Poyda, Mikhail Zhizhin, Alexander Andreev, Alexander Govorov, Viacheslav Ilyin
Toolkit for intensive work with metadata in specialized information systems

Procedia Computer Science 119


21. T. Cruchter, M.G. Medvedev, X. Shen, T. Mietke, K. Harms, M. Marsch, E. Meggers
Asymmetric Nucleophilic Catalysis with an Octahedral Chiral-at-Metal Iridium(III) Complex
ACS Catal., Volume 7, Issue 8, 4 August 2017, Pages 5151-5162


22. E.E. Saperstein, S. Kamerdzhiev, D.S. Krepish, S.V. Tolokonnikov, D. Voitenkov
The first self-consistent calculation of quadrupole moments of odd semi-magic nuclei accounting for phonon-induced corrections
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics Volume 44, Issue 6, 24 April 2017, Article number 065104


23. M.G. Medvedev, A.A. Zeifman, F.N. Novikov, I.S. Bushmarinov, O.V. Stroganov, I.Y. Titov, G.G. Chilov, I.V. Svitanko
Quantifying Possible Routes for SpnF-Catalyzed Formal Diels–Alder Cycloaddition
J. Am. Chem. Soc. Volume 139, Issue 11, 22 March 2017, Pages 3942-3945


24. A.S. Sinitsa, T.W. Chamberlain, T. Zoberbier, I. V. Lebedeva, A.M. Popov, A.A. Knizhnik,  R.L. McSweeney, J. Biskupek, U. Kaiser, A.N. Khlobystov
Formation of Nickel Clusters Wrapped in Carbon Cages: Toward New Endohedral Metallofullerene Synthesis
Nano Letters Volume 17, Issue 2, 8 February 2017, Pages 1082-1089


25. A.S. Sinitsa, I.V. Lebedeva, A.M. Popov, A.A. Knizhnik
Transformation of Amorphous Carbon Clusters to Fullerenes
J. Phys. Chem. C, Volume 121, Issue 24, 22 June 2017, Pages 13396-13404


26. R.A. Rymzhanov, N. Medvedev, A.E. Volkov, J.H. O'Connell, V.A. Skuratov
Overlap of swift heavy ion tracks in Al2O3
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research


27. Yuri B. Ivanov
Directed Flow in Heavy-Ion Collisions and Its Implications for Astrophysics
Universe 2017, 3(4), 79


28. Yu.B. Ivanov, A.A. Soldatov
Light fragment production at CERN Super Proton Synchrotron
European physical journal A


29. Alexey Kreshchuk, Igor Zhilin, Victor Zyablov
On the Performance of Block Woven Codes Constructions with Row-Wise Permutations, Coding Theory and Applications
ICMCTA 2017 Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10495


30. А.М. Дегтярев, А.А. Иванов, Н.Н. Андрющенко, А.А. Мясников, А.С. Захаров, О.А. Серянина, С.Е. Сорокин
Теоретические предпосылки контроля подкритичности реактора ПИК с помощью спектрального анализа шумов
Атомная энергия


31. M. Malovichko, N. Khokhlov, N. Yavich, M. Zhdanov
Acoustic 3D modeling by the method of integral equations
Computers and Geosciences, 111, pp. 223-234


32. N.L. Belyaev, A.A. Klimentov, R.V. Konoplich, D.V. Krasnopevtsev, K.A. Prokofiev, V.E. Velikhov
High performance computing system in the framework of the higgs boson studies at atlas

CEUR Workshops Proceedings


33. M.A. Titov, M.Y. Gubin, A.A. Klimentov, F.H. Barreiro Megino, M.S. Borodin, D.V. Golubkov on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Predictive analytics as an essential mechanism for situational awareness at the atlas production system
CEUR Workshops Proceedings


34. M.A. Grigoryeva, M.V. Golosova, A.A. Klimentov, M.S. Borodin, A.A. Alekseev, I.A. Tkachenko

Indexing of atlas data management and analysis system metadata

CEUR Workshops Proceedings


35. M.V. Golosova, E.A. Ryabinkin
Data management in heterogeneous metadata storage and access infrastructures

CEUR Workshops Proceedings